Wearable tech.  Digital health.  Quantified self.  mHealth.  Connected home.  Internet of things.  However described, the phenomenon of using sensor technology to monitor, adapt, diagnose, gamify, and improve our health is in full swing.   As sensors become better and cheaper, signal processing becomes more sophisticated, and mobile technology becomes ubiquitous, the revolution in health and fitness will continue.  With this revolution comes the need for knowledge.  The knowledge to understand which technology can save one’s life; which gadgets are fun to have; and what is purely hype.  We continue to hear about brainwave headbands , heartbeat detecting watches, sleep monitoring gadgets, measuring babies’ vital signs, helping seniors age in place, and even ways to correct our posture, mood, and eating habits, through technology.  This intersection of science + technology + digital health is ApplySci’s raison d’etre. Our scientific committee leads our focus on the brain and neuro-technology, assistive technologies, and advances in monitoring the lungs, heart, diabetes, sleep, seniors, babies, and, of course, fitness – the key to wellness.   It is our pleasure, through our blog, conferences, and our soon to emerge from beta crowdfunding platform, to curate this movement.  To  apply science to change our world.