Apple Watch issues put wearable accuracy in spotlight

This week the Wall Street Journal reported Apple’s announcement about its highly anticipated watch not featuring planned health monitoring features.  It is unclear if the glucose tracker ApplySci detailed this month will still be included.

Apple Watch was envisioned as a device  full of sensors that could measure heart rate, stress levels, blood pressure and more.  After testing, many of these sensors performed erratically.  The skin conductivity feature did not work on dry skin or hairy arms, and results varied depending on how tight the watch was worn on the wrist.

This is, actually, great news.  There are many “health” monitors on the market, making claims of accuracy that may or may not be substantiated.  Crowdfunding sites are filled with toys and gadgets that promise the world, and occasionally deliver.  May Apple’s decision not to release its health monitoring features prematurely lead to a world of reliable wearables that can improve or save lives.

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