Neurofeedback app for Google Glass

Personal Neuro, creators of a guided meditation app, are testing Introspect: the PND Wearable.  It is a head-mounted, voice-activated neuroimaging app designed to work with Google Glass.  We anticipate similar Glass apps in the near future, and are encouraged by its potential.

The developers claim that Introspect can be applied in the following ways:

  • Passively monitor brain activity throughout the day and provide this intelligence to a physician to assist with diagnosis and treatment of conditions such as depression.
  • Hyper-targeted content delivery in the blink of an eye, screened to match your specific tastes and interests with mood-sensing algorithms.
  • Immediate response to elevated stress levels, with visual prompts to take a break and use Transcend, PND’s neuro-feedback meditation app to relax.
  • Actively and remotely monitor the brain health of mission-critical, emergency response, transportation and front-line personnel in the field.
  • Facilitate adherence to long-term medication therapies by providing patients with feedback on the re-emergence of subtle neuropsychological symptoms.
  • Remotely and regularly monitor changes in the neuropsychological symptoms of participants in phase ll and lll drug trials.
  • Enable easy and mobile neuro-feedback exercises for faster return-to-play and return-to-school after brain injuries, as well as maintenance of healthy brain function for older adults.